Photo by Christian Moreau

Hello & welcome to my site. My name is Willow Loveday Little, and I’m a Montreal-based writer. I started writing fiction and have used the form to channel my love of mythology, folklore, human nature and all the trials and tribulations that make us who we areā€”into my work. On a letter of recommendation, a close friend once wrote, “Willow lives and breathes stories.” It sounds arrogant to draw attention to that; there’s an element of ego and self-flattery that I hope you will not read into this blurb. My point in mentioning it is to explain my love of storytelling. Writing demands everything of you. It is a medium that draws you out like water from a well, calling you to cultivate a mindfulness of everything that goes on around you in your day-to-day life. To sift through the silt of alluvial deposits and delve like a speleologist into the darkest caverns of your life, mining those moments for gleaming lumps of story.